Our cancellation policy is that orders cancelled by the customer within 7 days of the rental will forfeit their deposit as it leaves us little chance to rent those item(s) to another party.

Should you cancel after we arrive at your location for delivery, you will forfeit your deposit plus the greater of $50 or your actual delivery fee as we have then invested payroll, gas, and wear-and-tear on our vehicles, to get the equipment loaded and delivered to your location.

Please note that the weather forecast can change from day to day. We have seen it rain on days that called for zero percent chance of rain and have seen it not rain when the forecast calls for a 100 percent chance of rain. On average, there are only 2 to 4 days per year when we have to cancel for weather related reasons. Because it is more difficult and time consuming to dry units that have been rained on in colder months (March, April, and October, for example), we are more prone to cancelling during these colder months.

However, there are times when Blast Off Bouncers LLC will cancel due to weather-related issues which can cause safety concerns. These are addressed below.

If the weather forecast is calling for rain for a large portion of the day, we will call you on the morning of your rental (sometimes the evening before) to discuss our options. If the rain the forecast is calling for rain for a good chunk of the day, we will likely cancel your reservation. The forecast may only be calling for a scattered shower or rain for an hour or two during the day. If this is the case, we will give you the option on whether to cancel. If your reservation is cancelled by us, or if we give you the option to cancel, your deposit will be refunded. Keep in mind that the forecast can change quickly, so we do not offer refunds of deposits if you call a day or two (or longer) to cancel as we may be unable to rent the unit to another party. Also note that if we do give you the option to cancel but you choose to accept delivery, no refunds will be issued. (Rain causes us a tremendous amount of extra work to clean and dry the inflatables.)

In the case of rain, we sometimes give the option to leave a waterproof tarp with the rental so you can deflate and cover the unit to prevent it from getting wet. If you choose to take the waterproof tarp, we fully expect the inflatable to be covered when it rains. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning fee. Should we offer this option, you would approve or disapprove of it at delivery. Or if you choose no tarp, we ask you to keep the unit inflated unless high winds are present (no additional fee will be charged). Once the rain stops, you will simply just need to uncover the inflatable or make sure it is dry and turn the blower on. As long as the surface is not wet, the kids can resume bouncing.

In the case of high wind (wind at over 20mph), we will need you to deflate the unit until the high winds subside. If the forecast is calling for high winds throughout the majority of the day, we will contact you to cancel your reservation and your deposit will be refunded. High winds are very dangerous to the operation of an inflatable product.

We cannot deliver inflatables for outdoor set ups if winds are expected to be over 20mph.

Any requests for refunds of deposits for cancellations prior to 7 days from rental date are at the discretion of Blast Off Bouncers LLC.

We try to avoid any situations that would result in cancellations. We want every party to be a success, from the tent rental in Highland, to the bouncy castle rental in Schererville.


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