Blast Off Bouncers started in 2011. It began with a birthday party for a family get-together in 2010. Their grandmother got them a bounce house for all of the grandchildren. Little did they now, it was me that had the most fun. After talking with someone that was formerly in the business, the light when on in my brain, I did some research, and so the fun began.

Truth be told, I had no idea how much work it would be nor how much is would actually cost to purchase, deliver, pick up, and clean a bounce house. However, we have just completed our 6th season and going into our 7th. The hard work we put in is repaid by seeing the happy kids when we deliver the bounce house. It's always fun to see the surprised looks on the faces of the kids.

We started with 6 inflatables in 2011. And have grown to over 20 plus tables, tents, and chairs. We have seen other companies grow much more quickly. However, we plan for slow growth so we do not lose control of the company and can continue to deliver quality products on time, clean, and safe. Often in the busy season, we refuse to take on any more deliveries for a given weekend for these reasons as too many rentals will jeopardize our ability to deliver on time while delivering clean equipment.

Our reputation is our biggest asset as it promotes word of mouth advertising and we do not want to damage that reputation (please take time to read our "testimonials" page). We hear stories about some of our competitors...this may be people calling with last-minute needs as the company they reserved from did not show up or the product was sub-par. Truth be told, most of our competitors are reputable, but there are a few bad seeds. We do not want to be confused with them and set our sites and expectations high.

We are a family-owned and operated business. We are "hands-on" with our business and plant for growth in small, controllable increments so we do not sacrifice our quality. My wife, Shannon, answers the phones and takes reservations while she takes care of our two kids (age 7 and 11). If you could see her taking a reservation, you will find her with two phones: one to talk to the customer and the other to enter the reservation in our online system...all while she may be in the check out line at the grocery store with two children, for example. I assist with taxes, delivering, pick-ups, cleaning, and general operations and paperwork.

We are simple, hard-working people trying to run an honest business and provide the best we can for our children...just as you are doing the same for your child's party needs by contacting Blast Off Bouncers.

We look forward to working with you!

- Mike

Blast Off Bouncers LLC is your one stop shop for your party rental needs! Whether you are looking for a dunk tank in Schererville, a bounce house in Dyer, or a water slide in St. John, we can make it happen.

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